What is Open Service Management?

Open Service Management is is service management guidance you can contribute to and benefit from. It is open, which means it is free to use for end-user individuals and organizations. Commercial use rights are reserved as a basis for providing funding for development and promotion. It is community-based guidance, developed in an agile (think GitHub) style. The idea is that it is time for service management by the people, and for the people; for an open set of guidance, and a modern, agile method of development. It’s our vision that providing this platform will drive fresh, relevant content at a modern pace. Traditional ITSM guidance just isn’t open, or developed agilely, or open for all to contribute to. The idea also is that snapping to an open set of guidance you can contribute to is a better way to go than simply rolling your own with 100% assurance that what you roll won’t map to the next guys’–that’s expensive and wasteful. Let’s do this right.

What is the Open Service Managment Alliance?

The Open Service Management Alliance is a 501(3)c non-profit set up to provide an agile (think GitHub) platform for compiling community-driven open service management guidance that organizations can snap to, rather than simply rolling their own. The vision is fresh, relevant guidance, updated at a modern pace, that is modern in other ways: open source, agilely developed, and delivered over the web, with links to the best practices and vendor specifics on how to get things done with their platforms and tools. End user organizations and vendors can support the open service management movement by enrolling in the OSMA consortium; for the annual consortium fees, members will get to help shape the content and direction of open service management guidance, and curate links to their practices and tools, among other benefits. To join, contact us today at [email protected]

Why do we need the Open Service Management Alliance?

We need the Open Service Management Alliance because we, the IT community, know that open and agile are the right way to go. We know that a system of closed, proprietary, traditional ITSM guidance does not allow us to contribute, and does not get updated to keep pace with technology developments. And in the end, it is a lot of work for individuals and organizations to go it alone, extrapolating from decade-old proprietary guidance, and assembling a picture from a balkanized set of emerging practices. In the end, it’s better to snap to a community effort that’s open than simply rolling your own.

How can I contribute to OSM content?

You can contribute as an subject matter expert author or reviewer of content. Sign up at https://osmalliance.org and start contributing today. It’s simple–you’ll get access to our Kanban boards and be able to pull cards and “take and do” them. One very important thing you should know is this: If you don’t see something you’re expecting, or if you see something you don’t like, it’s for a very simple reason–something is missing–and that something is Y-O-U! So get in the game and help your fellow tribe members out, you’ll be glad you did! 🙂

Besides contributing content, in what other ways can organizations and individuals contribute?

Besides contributing content, you can contribute by taking OSM Foundation training from an authorized training organization (see Acquiros.com for a list of authorized trainers) and taking the exam; proceeds from the exam help fund our operations. You can contribute your time and talents by subscribing at https://osmalliance.org and helping out in any way that makes sense. We need product owners and community forum moderators; social media experts to help us with promotion–you name it, we have a need and would generally appreciate your help. And you can contribute if you represent an end-user or vendor organization, by signing up as a consortium member; consortium members get to help shape our content and direction, among other benefits, and are a key source of funding for our efforts.

How do I sign up as an Authorized Training Organization or Authorized Consulting Organization, so I can have license to use OSM content commercial?

To sign up as an ATO, contact Acquiros.com. To sign up as an ACO, contact us at [email protected] It’s simple to sign up and the fee is nominal, currently $100 per year per organization.

Where can I find OSM Foundation training and how can I sign up for the exam?

Acquiros.com, the Authorized Examination Institute (AEI) for OSM, maintains the list of ATO. Please visit acquiros.com for more information on training providers. You can also sign up for the exam at Acquiros.com. There is a donation-only open-enrollment course February 5-6 in Seattle, WA that will be available virtually as well. You can find it by going to eventbrite.com and searching for OSM Foundation Training. Sign up today!

What is an OSM Authorized Partner (AP)?

An OSM AP is an organization that has met the criteria defined to deliver training leading to courses in the OSM scheme.

How do I become an AP?

To apply to become an OSM AP, organizations should complete the agreement, form and payment found here: https://www.acquiros.com/osma-application.

*Note that completion of the steps found on the link above is required for each trainer the AP intends to deliver training.

The process in summary includes the following steps:

1. Organization agrees to terms of use of the OSM courseware

2. Organization completes application for each trainer they intend to deliver training leading to the OSM certification

3. Organization joins OSMA by paying the annual fee

4. Upon receipt of completed application and payment the OSM Exam Provider, ACQUIROS will email an exam voucher and registration instructions to the trainer listed on the application

Once the trainer has successfully passed the exam, ACQUIROS will supply the organization with an electronic copy of the Authorized Trainer letter, access to the OSM vanilla course materials and a login for www.acquiros.com to order exam vouchers.

What is the fee to become an AP? 

APs are required to pay the $100 annual membership fee to OSM for each trainer delivering OSM training for their organization.

What supporting materials will I receive for becoming an AP?

AAPs will receive the following:
– One free exam voucher for each trainer completing an application
– Access to the OSM vanilla course materials
– One year of OSMA Membership
– Access to the ACQUIROS AP portal for ordering exam vouchers
– Regular monitoring of trainer results
– Monthly reports detailing candidate results
– Listing on OSM AP registrar
– Candidate exam support via the Exam Provider, ACQUIROS

How often do I need to renew my AP status? 

APs are required to renew OSMA membership annually.

How does an AP remain in good standing?

Each trainer put forth by an AP will be monitored in real-time and results will be published to the OSM AP registrar. It is the responsibility of the trainer to maintain passrates that allow them to remain competitive in the marketplace.

What criteria does an individual need to meet in order to become an OSM authorized trainer?

OSM Authorized trainers should meet the following criteria:
1. Be put forth for application by an AP
2. Hold the highest level OSM certification available
3. Be a current member of OSMA

I am an OSM Authorized Partner – how do I order exam vouchers for my students?

Authorized Partners can order exam vouchers by visiting www.acquiros.com, clicking “order exams” from the top right corner, logging in and completing the form.

All APs should receive login details upon acceptance of application.
Once an order is submitted and ACQUIROS coordinator will respond by email within 24 business hours with a “Voucher Booking Receipt” containing voucher codes and candidate registration instructions.

How does a self-study individual sign up for an OSM exam? 

Students can register to participate in an OSM exam by following the steps defined at www.acquirostest.com.

How are OSM exams delivered?

OSM exams are delivered online at an ACQUIROS test center or by webcam proctor. Students will be given the option to select the delivery of their choice during the registration process.

Where can I find a list of ACQUIROS test centers? 

A list of available test centers through ACQUIROS’s partner Kryterion can be found here: https://www.kryteriononline.com/Locate-Test-Center

What criteria does my computer/camera need to meet to qualify for a webcam proctored exam? 

Students should follow the guidelines found here to understand requirements for participating in a webcam proctored exam:


How long will it take to receive my results? 

Results will be displayed on screen upon submission of your exam and immediately sent via email.

Will I receive a physical certificate? 

Students will receive a digital badge via email in lieu of a certificate which will be received within 30 days of successful exam completion.

Who can I contact for support when registering for their OSM exam? 

Students can always visit the student resource section of www.acquiros.com for assistance or contact [email protected]

What is the exam duration?

The OSM Foundation Exam duration is 60 minutes.

What materials can I use during the exam?

Students testing at a test center will be supplied with scratch paper and a pencil.

Students testing remotely via webcam proctor may not use any supplemental materials (ie. scratch paper, pencil) due to the security constraints. If you believe you will need to use scratch paper we recommend testing at a local testing center.

How many questions is the exam?

The exam contains 40 multiple choice questions.

What is the required score to pass the exam? 

Students must receive a 65% or higher to pass the exam.

What is the cost of the exam? 

The exam fee is $150 and can be paid by credit card or voucher during registration.

What is the retake policy?

Students may retake the exam as many times as needed. The fee for the retake exam is $150.

Where can I find additional information regarding my exam?

ACQUIROS has supplied a list of Exam Prep Tips here: https://www.acquiros.com/exam-prep-tips
You may also contact [email protected] for further information.