Welcome to the OSMA website.  Here’s what we’re about:

What if….

  • There was a platform for service management guidance that had as its primary driver the needs of the service management community, and not profits?
  • There was open service management guidance, free for end-user individuals and organizations to use, and to benefit from and contribute to?
  • There was an agile platform (think GitHub) for the development and compilation of service management best practice guidance?
  • There was service management best practice  guidance that featured what people actually do now that works, updated at an agile clip?
  • There was open guidance that was ubiquitous, compatible with traditional ITSM guidance, but lightweight and agile, that you could help shape and snap to, instead of just rolling your own, with 100% assurance that what you roll won’t map to what others roll?

This is our vision, in a nutshell.  We are on a mission to bring service management back to the people, for the people.

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